Michael Landis
Principal Investigator

I'm interested in learning how evolutionary processes behave and how Earth's biodiversity has changed over time.

Mariana Braga
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research studies the evolution of butterfly-host plant interactions and butterfly diversification by combining host use records, phylogenetic information, network theory, and computer simulations. I am currently developing probabilistic models to help us understand the distribution of ecological interactions across space and time.

(open position)
Postdoctoral Researcher

This research position will remain open until filled. A general description for the position is described here. Contact Michael with questions if interested.

(open position)
PhD Student

This research position is available starting Fall 2020. Application details are here. Interested applicants are urged to first contact Michael before applying.

Interested in joining?

We're always looking for creative thinkers that study models of evolution! Please contact Michael directly to inquire about postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate research opportunities.