Current members

Michael Landis [CV]
Principal Investigator

I'm interested in learning how evolutionary processes behave and how Earth's biodiversity has changed over time. My research generally involves designing phylogenetic models of evolution, programming inference methods, and analyzing simulated and biological datasets.

Fábio Kuriki Mendes
Postdoctoral Researcher (joined 2021)

I wish to learn how biological groups evolve different genotypes and phenotypes while diversifying in time and space. My research brings us closer to this goal by enabling integrative evolutionary inference -- I develop (and use) phylogenetic models that can leverage different types of data across evolutionary timescales.

Ammon Thompson
Postdoctoral Researcher (joined 2021)

I'm an evolutionary biologist who is interested in transcriptome evolution and phylogenetic inference. Currently, I am developing research methods for to infer viral phylodynamics as a visiting research scientist with ORISE in collaboration with the Landis group.

Sarah Swiston
Graduate Student (joined 2021)

I’m interested in phylogenetic methods for inferring the historical processes behind spatial and temporal patterns of diversity, and applying these methods to real and simulated data.

Sean McHugh
Graduate Student (joined 2022)

Sean is interested in herpetology and the evolution of ecological niches.

Walker Sexton
Undergraduate Researcher (joined 2020)

I'm an evolutionary biology major and anthropology minor interested in how macroevolutionary and genetic processes have led to the biodiverse forms throughout Earth's history and the relationships of life today.

Mihir Shah
Undergraduate Researcher (joined 2021)

Mihir is a biomedical engineering student who is interested in computational and quantitative approaches to biological research.

Sunny Yuan
Undergraduate Researcher (joined 2022)

Sunny is a math and computer science major who is interested in statistical models of evolution and data science techniques.

Past members

Mariana Braga
Postdoctoral Researcher (2019 to 2021)

Mariana is now a postdoc at Uppsala Univ. and Univ. of Helsinki with a Swedish International Postdoc Fellowship.

Ernie Ramos
Undergraduate Researcher (2020)

Interested in joining?

We're always looking for creative thinkers who are interested in modeling evolutionary processes. Please contact Michael directly to inquire about postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate research opportunities. Messages from visiting scientists and those seeking independent funding through research fellowships are also most welcome. In your email, please share what your research interests are, examples of your past research, topics that our group studies that that you find interesting, and/or new ideas that you think we should explore together.

Funding opportunities

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology
Living Earth Collaborative Postdoctoral Fellowship
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Postdoctoral Fellowship